A load bank is used to change the real load that the power source would get with the actual implementation in the real life. There are two kinds of load banks mainly known by the names of a reactive load bank and a resistive load bank manufacturers for that matter. Both of them are different, here we talk about the resistive load bank. Resistive load banks are the load banks that copy what an operational load does and that source of power is then used in the actual daily life by all the people that are around us as well then. These resistive load banks use the energy that is electrical and then it is changed into the heat energy, that is done using the resistor that are installed in them and them it is dissipated using air or just the medium of water for that matter.

These are the kind of load banks that convert the current into different forms of energy that is an example like heat energy. There are many people all around the world that confuse the inductive loads with the resistive load banks, this is completely not true as both of them are different. The inductive loads generate magnetic fields unlike the resistive load banks which do no such thing. The thing with the inductive load banks is that they generate heat with all the current that passes through them and they are most likely to produce that with the help of a coil. If we observe, we would be able to see that like the examples if we take a heater as an example and a bulb again as an example we would be able to make it that both of them have coils in them and when the current passes through them the heat energy and the light energy both are created at the same time as well and that happens when the electricity flows through the coil.

The reactive load bank is completely different form the resistive load bank in matters such as the reactive load banks create a magnetic field around them unlike the resistive load banks and the reactive load banks are known to have resisting the change in the voltage causing the machines to get damaged and to avoid that the reactive load banks are used and the machines and different generators are tested so that any change in the voltage is detected and nothing harms the company most of all no changes in the flow oif the current or the voltage can change the way the machines work or just damage them and cause a huge loss to the fsmiy company for that matter as well then. Check this link https://www.sephco.com/ to find out more details.