This is the major problem with the plastic bag that once it break down, it took a significant long time to decompose when once it is discarded. Ultimately it leads it to the massive problems with the waste to the landfills and possessed a great danger to the wildlife. However, the biodegradable plastic bags use the best alternatives that is composed with the special enzymes and took the special chemical reactions that break down the material in no time once you exposed it to the elements. This technology offers it a great advantage over the traditional plastic materials. Hence some of them are listed below;

Waste reduction

13 percent of the waste stream is usually made up of the plastic that represents the 32 million tons of the waste. However, 9 % of the plastic bags have gone into the recycling programs and the remaining ones goes into the landfills. There it takes so long to decompose nearly 100 of years or sometimes more. Whereas on the other hand the biodegradable products only takes some months to decompose depend on their material of disposal.

Source of reduction

Biodegradable products also proves themselves the best in conserving the supplies of the petroleum. Traditional plastic comes from the treating and heating the oil molecules till there polymers can into being. This represents almost 2.7 percent of the American’s petroleum consumption. Where the Bioplastic comes from the natural crops like; switch grass, and corn. Moreover, there are some of the biodegradable plastics that are often combines with the traditional plastic that comes out to the best source to save the petroleum. After maturing these technologies, they offer the production of the plastic production and its packaging even after when we will run out of the petroleum completely.

Save energy

Energy can be saved to a greater extent by introducing the biodegradable plastic around the globe. You might be wonder how? The highlighted example is the Corn-based Plastic Polymer that is PLA, it uses 65% less petroleum then the raw petroleum that proves itself the best in saving. Moreover, it uses les greenhouse gasses during its production. This represents a significant way to protect the environmental benefits.

Bacteria that eats plastic

Where the introduction of promotional bags Australia have minimized the use of energy and assist in saving of the petroleum. Along with that it assists in minimizing the heaps of plastic trash in the landfills. Since, there is a plethora of the bacteria that decomposes the plastics after eating it and hasten it decomposition in the form of the hydrocarbon. In some cases, there are other microbes who performs this work of decomposition or in the other way the scientists have develops this ability in many microorganisms to decompose the trash.

Final thoughts

These products are easier to recycled since, they are composed of the decomposable and the biodegradable products Hence, it means they can decompose much faster and take a minimum amount of energy till it is fully decomposed.