Stress makes a person bound to the thoughts he has been getting, one cannot be genuinely happy unless they try. When we take stress, we destroy ourselves physically and mentally as well. We cannot avoid stress and over thinking as it is in human nature, one cannot get rid of this but they can create away from which they can overcome these and make a good time for them to make their own minds and hearts happy. We should laugh at small grieves such as our money lost or when we hit our car, we should not stress upon these little things because if we will stress about these things, they will get even more complicated because stress makes the person do wrong things. On the other hand, if we try to manage the situation with a cool mind and happily, we will manage the situation in such a way that you will think it is just a piece of cake. Our mind has a lot of impact on our act and our perspective; if we make up our mind to do something then we will do that anyhow. Our mind builds up the basic perspective if we think that the particular situation is going to make things complicated and it will create stress in our mind and whenever we will try to get through the situation like this, we will feel that we cannot do that.

Stress also impacts your mind and end up making you depressed. So the best way to reduce your stress is doing something which diverts your mind from something which makes you feel nothing except the moment which is going on at that time. It is a comedy, when you attend a Akmal Saleh or when you attend a show of some stand up comedians; they make you laugh with their humour. You get all lost in the comedy and you laugh. At that time you forget all your stress and laugh like there was not any problem in your life.

This is why comedy is one of the vital factors for most of the people because they have so much stress in their life and they want to laugh for some time and forget their stress, they want to relax for some time because they have been walking in the journey of stress since a long time. 

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