We all have seen those racks in the shopping mall right! They all are used for the same reason but all are different from each other definitely this is something weird? But yes as the matter of fact there are so many types of racks with different usage, utility and different names and purposes. Purpose depends on the design and the reason of the consumer. Similarly there is a name “Dexion pallet racking”, this is something totally new for everyone who means that a layman (who has no background of technical stuff) cannot understand the purpose and the meaning of it for the sake of understanding we have to help you visualize this dexion pallet racking. It’s a racking system usually used in gigantic factories, industries and huge warehouses. There are certainly some features which makes this racking system different from other conventional type of rackings.

In warehouses and industries there are some elements and products which are required to stay in an airy place with bottoms opened. Hence it can be defined as it doesn’t have the rack or complete board attached to the poles of the rack rather, it has poles and rods without bottoms (which means bottoms are open and the product will be placed on the rods and poles lying below) hence the bottoms are open for the product and hence the utility arises of dexion pallet racking. This is something which can be witnessed anywhere in a big factory, or a gigantic manufacturing or paper manufacturing industry. Usually in order to store huge unique inventories such types of racking are used. Dexion pallet racking is something unique and designed to store products on skids (on pallets).

The standard track (pallet) dimensions are 36” to 48” inches deep, heights are in foot centimeters and the height starts from 8’ to 20’ and overall considered as gigantic, and used for heavy duty storage of the product, hence it is important to mention that this type of racking cannot be stored in a house or somewhere else, these are designed in a unique way only for the purpose of heavy duty storage, Low maintenance is required, which means that normal oiling and screw tightening are some issues which the user has to handle to make it totally workable. Working under the circumstances of industries requires a lot of knowledge of storage and the products. Actually the nature of the product decides the type of storages required. This means that proper knowledge of product is essential way before selecting any such racking categories. In a nutshell, there are so many other options which are there but to select the best among all is the most important decision for anybody or everybody. See this page to find out more details.