Our brand is an unparalleled producer of flute board manufacturers sheets and other plastic packaging supplies in Australia. We are the pioneers in offering and manufacturing the best quality plastic.

What do we offer?

We offer outstanding quality of corrugated polypropylene for packaging, which suits all our customers’ requirements. We provide lightweight, cost-effective, and flexible plastic. If you need packaging services either for cutlery or household, transport or heavy equipment, whether you need excellent points of sales for marketing, you do not need to worry about it anymore. We provide you with flute board sheets made up of exceptional quality plastic to meet all your needs.

Our flute board is ideal to use in various industries and applications like construction, packaging, advertising, signage and storage. 

Advantages of Corex flute board:

  • Eco-friendly packaging:

                  By using Corex, the best plastic product manufacturer of Australia, one can get eco-friendly flute board packaging. We offer flute board, which is biodegradable.  Our plastic can stand extreme climate conditions, and it is stain-resistant, inert and of course, waterproof. Moreover, these are pest resistant. No fumigation or pest control services are required. Corex flute board plastic is typically long-lasting and thus, reduces the expense of buying plastic again and again.

  • Appearance and design:

                         We offer a wide range of colours, shades, designs and textures with nice finishing. All these factors are completely customizable. We provide various thicknesses and can be cut into almost any shape and size. Any alterations required are made according to the client’s s demand. This plastic is absolutely suitable for art design and various pattern boxes or gift boxes. 

  • Durability:

  Ideal for packaging, our flute board plastic is durable, tested and tried. Our flute board packaging is suitable for both indoor and outdoor uses. It is also spill resistant, heat resistant and is ideal for covering of walls and indoor and outdoor decoration. Protections like wall cladding, windows and false ceiling, floor covers, and greenhouse roof provide conservation, preservation and insurance of safety.

  • Accuracy of order:

  We have a competent team of expert designers who design the products with great accuracy according to the customer’s need. We also have an assessment team which evaluates the product design for its precision and accuracy. We are always there to resolve our client’s issues, queries and complaints we may encounter regarding the product.

           In a nutshell, if you need flute board plastic for whether larger scale needs or small-scale needs, for point of sale display or building needs, Corex is the finest plastic products manufacturer which presents amazing quality work with reasonable prices. We strive for the customers’ satisfaction using innovative designs, latest technology and international standards. We endeavour to fulfil all our customers’ demands and requirements.